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There has been no need to charm others with words – and no pressure to overcome their scepticism with humour or acute observations. Being a bit boring has in fact been a survival strategy. In a different life you could be great friends, even lovers. They freeze when they catch sight of your radiant eyes, perfect profile and incredibly elegant hands.

Even if it’s not quite what you want, the people it’s easiest to pair up with are other beautiful types.

It’s not your fault, but you’ve been a little spoilt.

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Discussing the here and now is when you comment on what the other person is feeling or thinking and how it relates to you.

If that sounds overly simple, it's because it actually is that simple.

In fact, it's one of the most straightforward social skills that guys can learn to improve their dating lives.

If you convey relevant information, express strong feelings about the world and can call out what's happening in the moment with a woman, that's when you become more attractive than 99 percent of guys. So if you feel weird about hitting on a woman in front of her friends, say, “I had to risk embarrassing the hell out of myself to hit on you in front of your friends.” Sure, this is out of the ordinary, but most of the time, they're sure to laugh and appreciate your awareness of their perspective and the relevant social norms.

I'd love to continue this conversation, so give me your number or, if you don't like me, give me a fake one, and I'll let you go." A cheeky smile goes a long way when you're bringing up what others usually leave unsaid.

If the conversation is heating up and she's holding eye contact longer than usual, say “I'm having a hard time focusing on our conversation because I can tell you totally want to make out with me.” Before you dismiss that one as too cheesy, try it in the right moment, and you'll see why it's an honest and vulnerable thing to say (even if it is slightly cheesy).

Their purpose is to point out what's happening in the moment.

By doing this, you show your awareness and concern for her emotions and thoughts. Picture the icon of the “strong and silent type,” James Bond.

You’re fair game – you are too beautiful, they think, ever to be hurt..

Guys, you've been in this situation before: You meet a girl out at a bar, and she has an adorable accent. Social psychology researchers have found that in social interaction, conversation falls into one of five main categories based on how emotionally open they require us to be. Preferences or evaluations ("I love living in Los Angeles.") 4. Here and now ("At first I was nervous to come over and say hi to you.")I constantly hear my female friends talk about how all the guys they meet are creepy, boring or unoriginal.

But the subject is necessary and legitimate, because beauty is not in fact problem-free.

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