Dating your housemate

Let them get it out of their system and if your relationship is strong enough you’ll find that it can take the ridicule for a while.Once people realize that the relationship is serious they’ll (hopefully) leave you alone.Your mates said it, your Mum said it, even your Nan probably said it.

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Forget arguments over where to go for dates, boring journeys to meet the other and depressing days spent wondering when the next time you’ll see each other will be, they’re right there on tap when you want them.

But 24 hours a day seven days a week is a lot of time to spend with someone.

It can be difficult, especially if you’re in the ‘honeymoon’ period of a new relationship, but nothing will make your flatmates feel more like third wheels than subjecting them to visual reminders of your relationship.

It’s impossible to avoid public displays of affection all the time because you’re living together after all but watch out you don’t do it too often!

So just don’t be surprised if they’re underwhelmed when you announce your new relationship to the wider world, they actually knew all along after all.

Because EVERYONE advises against having a relationship with your flatmate, the rest of your house will probably tease you/think that you’re crazy in the beginning.

If you’ve started dating your flatmate, the chances are that you don’t want everyone to know straight away.

Maybe you’re scared that people will (rightly) rip you for shacking up with their neighbour.

Of course, this is MUCH easier said than done when you’re living with other people 24/7.

The chances are that despite your best efforts, your flatmates probably know you so well that they guessed the two of you would get into relationship before you even realized it yourself.

It’s never just dinner for two If sharing a pleasant evening in with a mouth-watering microwave meal and a bottle of Aldi’s “white wine” isn’t already romantic enough for you, other housemates around the table talking about their post-kebab shag last night will really top off that ‘love is in the air’ atmosphere you were aiming for.


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