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Despite working 4 years at a job he was grossly overqualified for, he was laid off during the recession.

And yet he continues to work without complaint, without lashing out or giving up.

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But I spoke nevertheless and as my father went through job after job I went through book after book, reading out loud in class and quickly climbing to the top of ESL.

And as I realized that teachers are rather impressed by a second-grade girl with a 10 letter last name that can spell ‘indigenous’, my father realized the letters ‘DR’ before your name don’t mean much if you have a West African accent.

And I refuse to let myself give up because he never has.

His struggle has made me all too aware of how unfair the world can be.

By high school I was a regional speech champion and I had a wall of medals to prove it.

I was at the top of my class and had a nearly perfect GPA; English was my strongest subject. Yaovi Remi Samey, to this day spends his nights working a low salary security job because no one will employ him, simply because of his accent.

I am thankful to have my eyes opened to injustice, knowing that I must now fight it forever.

I recall that little girl whose main goal was to talk.

This again makes the "experts" look foolish or at the very least the production company is making the show look ridiculous.

I worked in a position that I had to be security cleared and my fingerprints were run through the system. It is not rocket science that if proper background checks were being run this should have been front and center.

Her Common App essay, published below, reveals the challenges of growing up in a low-income house as the child of Togolese parents, detailing her successes and her father’s struggles to find work, despite being a qualified doctor. We left Québec because my father believed he could get a better job, but 8 year old me wasn’t really concerned about my family’s future financial situation, I just wanted to talk.


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