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Even now, I am mistrustful of love, and I admit I have become the person who holds relationships at bay, turning them into almost-relationships instead.

Maybe this is the most painful part of an almost relationship: It can turn you into the same thing that hurt you.

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What do you call a relationship that looks and feels and sounds like a relationship — but isn't one?

The dreaded "almost relationship." We've all been there. You sleep over at their place one or two times a week.

No matter how much you love the person you're in an almost relationship with, it's not worth being with anyone in a way that sacrifices your well-being and health.

My almost relationship was with someone who had three girlfriends prior to me.

He had been a great boyfriend to them and had been committed to them completely.

In hindsight, I know he didn't mean to play me or take advantage of me, and I know his feelings were real.

It took me a year and a half to get over something that lasted three months.

When I think about it now, though, there were so many factors that led to that pain.

Here's why that almost relationship is never worth the pain it causes:want a relationship. Or they don't have the emotional bandwidth for a relationship right now.

And you met someone you really like, whom you click with, and whom, under different circumstances, you would date. And the reason why might be because they have baggage. These are the realities of your almost relationship, and they are not going to go away or change. It's going to feel like exactly what you wanted, but in the end, you will be devastated by something you'll question even existed in the first place.

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