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"Feature creep" becomes a huge issue since the "business guy" doesn't understand the technical challenges.Many times, the programmer is someone with less experience who is willing to take a chance and doesn't have the knowledge to create a flexible and scalable architecture.I have enough experience from prior projects to know how to outcompete most other sites.

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We for example have a lot of experience rolling out the minimum viable portion of the product and testing, which we have done with other start ups.

Wireframes, UX/UI, design - a company has seen many projects and from many different angles and will give you expertise for free as long as they are developing your product.

Premium Package customers enjoy 1 year of included support.1 month is more than enough to set everything up but if you need more support from us, it's available for just $99/month.

Consider a situation: You have some sort of technical problem with your hosting and it really affects your business and you ask us to resolve it ASAP.

and if you don't like the people personally, don't settle, Best of luck!

Deyan You should prepare requirements or functional specifications included wireframe/mockup for your expected site with from high level then elaborate into more detail level if needed (the best is to user story level as recommend in Agile/Scrum).Have a clear, list of features that you think you need to bring a product to market.Plan out all UI/UX elements and have a very specific sitemap and procedure map.Eventually, everyone gets fed up after it's clear that it will take hundreds of hours of programming work just to create a proof-of-concept, and people start dropping out.Good, experienced developers are expensive and difficult to come by.I am participating in a small development company (which was a startup itself not long ago) and know first hand how freelance developers behave and how many perks you could get from a company if you find a good one.


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