Dean cain currently dating

However, the relationship was short-lived as they broke it off the following year.

He stands out as one of the industry’s richest celebrities, owing to his eye-popping net worth which reportedly sits at $6 million.

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Before delving into acting, Cain had wanted to become a footballer but his ambition got prematurely shattered due to a knee injury he sustained while training with the Buffalo Bills as a free agent.

While he was hoping to return to the field, the actor began to write screenplays and later took to acting and shooting commercials.

, which ran from 1993 to 1997, is considered the biggest project he has ever embarked on in the course of his thriving career.

Interestingly, it is the same show that skyrocketed the actor to an immense popularity and today, he is a regular face on the television.

Cain rounded off his studies at the university in 1988, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History, after presenting a wonderful thesis in his senior year titled: “The History and Development of the Functions of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”Cain has been able to achieve fame and fortune in his thriving career.

Since 1976, he has been benefiting from the show business community as his income hugely stems from his directorial, production, and acting careers.

Apart from Torres and Mc Cready, Cain has had some flings with some hotties in the past.


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