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Actor fined over Oscar screener piracy Caridi was fined a sum of 0,000 by a Los Angeles court for distributing The Last Samurai and Mystic River.Oscar screener pirate found dead in jail cell Just weeks before he was to be sentenced, Russell Sprague was found dead in a jail cell. He was facing up to three years in prison for his crimes.A DVD Screener is a promotional copy of a motion picture sent by a movie studios (on a DVD-Video disc) before the official DVD release date to movie critics, censors etc.

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Man pleads guilty in Oscar screener case Illinois based Russell Sprague, 51, pleaded guilty to copyright infringement in court after distributing over 200 copies of movies over the Internet.

Caridi said he was shocked and thought that Sprague was just a big movie fan.

MPAA's decision to ban Oscar screeners stands Despite meeting with various Indie movie authors, Jack Valenti, former MPAA chief executive, said he would continue conversations but the ban would still stand.

Writers Guild opposes screener ban The Writers Guild of America publicly opposed the ban.

The scrollers contain information about a few things, such as why some scenes of the movie appear in black & white, or have anti-piracy information that tell you how to contact anti-piracy groups if you have rented or purchased a DVD Screener copy of a movie.

Serials are used to help track where the DVD Screeners were sent to (if they are copied and end up on the street or Internet) but these are usually blocked out completely by pirates.Plans were also introduced for the production of encrypted DVD Screeners (using the AES 128-bit encryption standard) that would special equipment (more than just a mere DVD Player) to be played back.Around the time of the Academy Awards ceremony used to be the most active time for DVD Screener piracy but efforts by the MPAA and FBI have seriously reduced it. DVD Screener Ban MPAA bans Oscar screeners The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) banned Oscar Screeners in fear of increasing piracy. Showers confined to northern and western parts, possibly heavy in the far north.Further rain for parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England. Changeable with spells of rain and stronger winds moving southeast, interspersed with sunshine and showers. Drier, brighter and quieter conditions will probably become established in the west and northwest of the UK and slowly extend to other areas over the course of the weekend.Overall we should expect spells of rain or showers, which could be heavy at times, interspersed with brief periods of quieter and more settled weather.

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