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The new album TMI is inspired by the information age giving way to the too-much-information age.From life's journey to a simple sunset; from a random bar room encounter to the love of a lifetime; from a long day at work to the tribulations of a generation.First, try refreshing the page and clicking Current Location again.

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For the majority of small businesses out there, a DIY app maker, which covers the most basic to the relatively advanced functionalities, is the perfect solution.

To date, we have used and reviewed over forty-three different app creators.

Unfortunately, custom app development costs can easily skyrocket.

Developers are expensive and the process can take many months.

Curtains not only make the interior of an RV feel cozy, but they also serve many practical purposes.

Privacy curtains near the RV bed, light blocking curtains in the living room, and towel bars in the bathroom are all practical uses for curtains in RVs.When stacked flat they take up a large amount of space on the bottom of the cupboard, while leaving extra wasted space above. When stored vertically, plates take up less space on the bottom of the cupboard, while at the same time leaving no wasted space up top. All you need are small bungee cords and metal cable clips. Portable grills and RVs go together like…well, like hamburgers and hot dogs, or marshmallows and chocolate, or corn on the cob and…you get the idea.Even worse, they sometimes don’t fit flat in our tiny RV cupboards. The problem is that a portable propane grill needs a fuel supply.Sure, you could go to the camping supply store and buy yourself a set of clips…or you could make your own!For a quick and easy guide to making homemade awning clips head over to Plates are probably one of the biggest space hogs of all the kitchen items in your RV.Your choice is either to lug around an extra full size propane cylinder, or spend a ridiculous amount of money on those small, non-refillable canisters. With a few basic items, or the simple purchase of a kit, you can create a DIY solution to this problem.

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