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The wri- ter of the following thoughts is aware, that they ly open not only to all that prepoi Tefrion which commonly attends new publications ; but, befides, that they are expofed to all thofe prejudices which ever haunt the minds of fome readers againft the works of thofe who dare to draw afide the myfterious veil, and attempt to expofe to view the gro- tefque figure of certain idols. Whether the fol- lowing [ iv ] lowing be fufficient or not, is the province of the reader to decide.

HEN any literary work makes its fir ft appearance, readers juftly ex- pe6l to be made acquainted with the reafons why it is ventured into the world.

Long had the children of pride, in the chriftian churches, beheld with wifliful eyes, the diftinguilhed honours, the immenfe riches, and the unreftrained pleafures, which the heathen hierarchy enjoyed by the incorporation of Roman fuperftition.

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" This was the goodly model of chriftian incorpo- rations ! Such a fud- den revolution could not, indeed, have been effedled but upon the plan of an incorporation already vene- rable and familiar to the m.ultitude.

And now, chriftianity muft change her attire, that, with dignity, Ibe may fill the throne of her difcarded rival. The political arrangement of parts in the empire was indeed another branch of the model.

V ifionaries have written about it : politicians have laloured in it; but it is all in vain. With this view, it is propofed to point out the more remark- able jeras of ecclefiaflical incorporations in the Eu- ropean nadons, and to mark the confequences which have attended them.

An exadl equipoife never was, and never will be fixed between the prerogative of princes and the claims of dignified priefts, when their ever-jarring interefts are blended by incorpora- tions. II, ^he Gradual Advances of Incorporations, TO fet any political objed in the ftrongefl point of view, it is neceifary to mark its gradual advances, and to examine the various methods by which it has euabliflied itfelf in fociety.

BV-6^^-T«7 1796 Graham, William, 1737-1801 A review of ecclesiastical establishments in Europe -see R E V I E ^^m^^^ '"' -*' ? " AND An ESSAY tending to fliew both the Political and Moral Neccflity of Abolifiiing exclulive Eflablifliments, with Anfvverj to fome principal Objections. They had begun to ufurp on the rights, not only of their own clergy, but of the neighbour- ing bifhops in lefs opulent cities.

Fafticliotis ambition and luft of domination had been working in the breafts of many among the minifters of Jefus, long before the celebrated triumph of the crofs at the converfion of Conftantine.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spelling mistakes at internet search for Klicka hr fr att ppna RSS Fina Anita lder:51 Bembe lder:64 fibben lder:69 lenovo65 lder:51 Tranky Doo lder:39 Gladman63 lder:54 GGGin Umea lder:34 ebbabbw lder:33 Roooger lder:38 Hotbella18 lder:19 dita45 lder:46 Volbabe lder:39 jocke82 lder:34 lyckselebo lder:54 Joleen lder:32 Magnus R lder:32 Snetch lder:34 winkeyface lder:38 Logga in fr att anvnda Du kan logga in hgst upp eller skapa en profil - det tar fem sekunder ooh r helt gratis!

P de flesta stllen kan man gra i stort sett samma sak. Ngra fedrar att blogga om dating, sin nya partner, frsta kyss, kommande dates eller de misslyckade dates man har varit p. De nyaste profilbilderna Hr kan du se de senaste profilbilderna. D fr du genast ett meddelande nr det kommer nya profilbilder. F dina vnner att gilla din profil s den visas Sessan887 1 Likes Tiiinaaa 3 Likes natasharuus1 1 Likes raggarbruden 1 Likes palle39 1 Likes nusse 1 Likes Armanee 1 Likes wobblers 1 Likes pepe38 1 Likes Maliiin 1 Likes Copyright 2011 - Alla rttigheter frbehlls Bloggar - Debatten - - Kontakt | | | | Chat ppna chatt alla Loading...

P de flesta stllen kan man gra i stort sett samma sak. Ngra fedrar att blogga om dating, sin nya partner, frsta kyss, kommande dates eller de misslyckade dates man har varit p.

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