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Testers particularly liked the timeline feature, which estimates when your most recent ancestor lived in each of your matched regions.While 23and Me does offer DNA relative matching and some tools to compare your genes to your DNA relatives, it doesn’t have robust genealogy tools, as its focus rests more in personal discovery and exploration.We generally liked the company’s website and found the interface easy-to-use and navigate.

The best DNA testing kits will help you dig up the long forgotten roots of your family history, enabling you to trace your family story, uncover your ethnicity and more.

With a DNA testing kit, it's easier than ever to delve into your genetic ancestry to discover who you are and where you come from – but there are a lot of options, and it can be difficult to know which is the right one for you.

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This genetic combination is favorable in all tested components, and large proportion of existing successful relationships share this genetic pattern.

Testers with European roots could trace their family’s movements across the Atlantic and see what stops they made on their way across the U. I took the Ancestry DNA test in 2016 and was disappointed by my initial report, which put my results into a giant area encompassing at least 15 countries labeled “Asia East.” Since then, Ancestry has updated its algorithm and reference population to make its results more specific, with 500 geographic regions supported.

Our testers received results from Ancestry 35 days after dropping their tubes of spit in the mail.

I was born in Korea and therefore expected at least a little of my Korean heritage to make it onto my ancestry map, as it did with other services, but My Heritage didn’t report any Korean heritage.

Instead, My Heritage DNA reported I that I’m of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, and Mongolian descent.

This feature is particularly useful if you’re looking for lost relatives, as you can pay slightly more for one test with Ancestry or 23and Me, which have larger databases, but still access My Heritage’s database as well, which has 1.75 million users as of October 2018.

With a 16-day turnaround, My Heritage DNA was one of the first companies to send back our test results, but I found the contents of my ancestry report to be a bit off, especially when compared to my geographic ancestry reports from other companies.

To that end, 23and Me has an optional health upgrade that provides reports on DNA traits like hair color and genetic predispositions to certain illnesses and diseases.


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