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Here’s the fun part though: the men who complain about how unfair it is when gorgeous women refuse to fuck them are in effect complaining that women believe that they’re entitled to the same thing the men are: to bang a whole bunch of hotties.

But – and you had to realize there’s a but coming – women have a wide range of what they consider “hot” are allowed to consider “hot”.

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Right now, for example, the facial features most that are most commonly considered attractive are Northern European – wider eyes, high cheekbones, smaller chins, smaller noses – and there is a great deal of pressure for women of color to conform to them.

This has less to do with any sort of racial or geolocational superiority and to do with cultural hegemony and class structures.

If she doesn’t resemble a Victoria’s Secret model or Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, then he’s likely to take shit from his friends and peers.

A man who openly admits he loves fat women gets called a “chubby chaser” and mocked for having such low standards; “going hogging” is only for when you’re so drunk you don’t know better and is supposed to be hidden at all costs.

Unlike Gottfried, I – and most of my peers – didn’t grow up with the idea that looks didn’t matter to women. But I’m not terribly surprised that the idea was floated out there. It’s not terribly surprising, when you think about it.

The idea of marrying for love – as opposed to what amounted to sealing a business contract or a transfer of property – is barely over 200 years old and dating, rather than arranged marriages, is even more recent…

So it’s not surprising that women feel pressured to pretend – or even convince themselves – that they don’t want what they want. There’s been more ink and pixels spilled over the idea that the only way to date someone hot is to be hot yourself, and just as many people – such as Mr.

Gottfried here – complaining about how that all is.

She’s a model (of course), and she worked for a day on some movie with George Clooney.


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