Don lemon who is he dating

Also, when you check his social media and many sites for the information on his wedding, nothing regarding his marriage is revealed to date.

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His Linked In profile shows that he held director roles at Billboard and worked briefly at an entertainment company called Jukin Media as an executive director.

He moved into real estate in 2018 and now works for the Corcoran Group where he has been involved with the sales of properties worth millions of dollars.

Recently, Don Lemon was found out stepping out after party holding hands with Tim Malone at Tao Restaurant and Night Club in New York City.

Allocating information from several sources, it is found out that the couple started dating each other in April Till the date, Don Lemon has never ever been involved in any kind of relationship.

“I’m never sure why people are interested in me,” the CNN anchor told Metrosource magazine, in their People We Love issue. I have no idea.” Before meeting his boyfriend, real estate agent Tim Malone, Lemon said he was “probably not so trusting of people wanting to get into a relationship with me.” Lemon and Malone met several years ago at a Hamptons restaurant.

Is it because they think they’re gonna get some sort of fame, or …

He is a real estate agent whom Lemon met in New York and has been dating since 2017.

Malone was born and raised in Suffolk County, Long Island, where he graduated from Southampton High School in 2002.

Another picture he posted to Instagram shows Malone posing at the White House with Lemon and former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama.

He first posted on his Instagram account an image of the CNN host on July 30, 2017 when he shared a video of the two of them jumping off a boat, reported.

This particular rumor shook the whole industry and people started keeping an eye on Don Lemon.

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