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Here we go: If you speak disparagingly of the opposite sex, or if you refer to females as sex objects, those attitudes will translate directly into dating and marital relationships later on.

Remember that your goal is to prepare a boy to lead a family when he's grown and to show him how to earn the respect of those he serves.

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After that time, your mother and father will be more like your friends than your parents.

And someday, if they live long enough, you will be more like a parent to them than a son or daughter.” ― tags: a, after, and, at, be, be-more, come, comfortable, daughter, day, enough, establish, father, friends, home, if, like, live, living, long, longer, more, mother, move, much, no, of, or, out, own, parent, parents, quicker, someday, son, than, that, them, there, they, time, to, want, when, will, wish, would, you, your “The best way to get children to do what you want is to spend time with them before disciplinary problems occur—having fun together and enjoying mutual laughter and joy.

This causes the death of friendships, marriages, homes, and businesses.• Or they can talk to one another about their feelings, being very careful not to attack the dignity and worth of the other person.

This approach often leads to permanent and healthy relationships.” ― tags: a, about, and, anger, approach, are, attack, bank, basic, be, being, best-friends, blow, businesses, can, careful, causes, children, conclusions, couples, creates, death, dignity, discussing, disease, do, downard, draw, feelings, forgets, four, friction, friendhips, further, great, healthy, her, him, his, homes, how, human-beings, hurt, in, internalize, into, irriate, is, issues, it, later, leads, leaves, marriages, married, may, memory, never, not, occurs, of, often, one-another, or, other, own, parents, permanent, person, pout, pressure, probably, problem, problems, question, react, relationships, result, rude, send, sooner, spend, students, talk, teachers, that, the, their, there, they, they-respond, this, time, to, together, true, try, two, up, very, ways, what, when, whenever, will, within, without, worth “19.

Tell him it is great to laugh and have fun with his friends, but advise him not tobe "goofy." Guys who are goofy are not respected, and people, especially girls and women, do not follow boys and men whom they disrespect.

Also, tell your son that he is never to hit a girl under any circumstances.

The question is: How do they respond when friction occurs?

There are four basic ways they can react:• They can internalize the anger and send it downward into a memory bank that never forgets.

He will honor and help those who are trying to follow His commandments.


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