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The insider told Media Take, “[Dwayne’s] teammates are even joking around with him about it.

They say he has to watch his back - cause Al’s gonna get him.” Dwayne Wade was on tonight’s TNT Halftime show of the Detroit-Philly game.

In the middle of Charles Barkley joking about Andre Iguodala needing a 1-5000 jump shot summer and Dwayne Wade’s take on how bad Philly was getting beat, laughter broke out in the studio.

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That’s something that really began to cripple Dragic and made him less of a factor in the game.

Because of that, often times the offense looked stagnant, with Wade scoring on two, sometimes three straight possessions.

Something else to think about regarding defense…Dragic can’t play it.

He’s an offensive-minded player, so when it’s time to face elite point guards like Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, John Wall and Steph Curry (if you consider him a point guard), there could be a huge problem. His quickness would allow him to make a switch and guard a quick, smaller guard to bail out Dragic in those situations.

Another pro for Richardson is his consistent defensive play, he doesn’t take possessions off.

There were instances where Josh, an obvious guard would get a big time block on the defensive end, setting up a fast break and a Sportscenter Top 10 dunk to end the entire sequence on the offensive end.

Now, with Wade gone, the pressure for Dragic to lead the show is on.

Last season, only one player averaged more than 20 points per game and as you probably already assumed, it was Wade, averaging 21.5.

That person to step up will more than likely be Richardson.

Many think there’s no question; Dion Waiters should be the starting shooting guard, but after watching him in both Cleveland and Oklahoma City it’s obvious that he wants the ball in his hands, a lot.

If you’re late on your who’s dating who news: last year, Dwayne Wade ‘un-officially’ separated from his wife, Siohvaughn Funches; and Star Jones just filed for a divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds. because that audio doesn’t show the big cheese smile Wade had through this whole.. Either he’s amused to be on the gossip pages or there is something more to it that he couldn’t just deny it without a see you later and a smile. In the very next segment, Charles and Kenny asked him if he might be going to the Kentucky Derby this year.


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