Eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever

Haven’t found the Intelli J equivalent for this one so far.So, even though we cannot actually measure if we are more productive after the conversion, we are somewhat happier with the tools at hand.

eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever-63

Whether I am editing a Java, Javascript, HTML or a JPA query – the syntax support is really good and the operations I perform are uniform across languages. Eclipse tried to offer “the best perspective” for me while I was dealing with different issues at hand.

I do not need to learn a set of new shortcuts each time I switch away from Java. For me it meant that my screen layout got mangled each time I switched from development to debugging or refactoring.

Yes, sure, I know Eclipse can get messed up and stop working properly, but it’s fixable and doesn’t happen with a good setup, and actually didn’t really happen to me at all, once I understood how to set it up. I long for the old Eclipse days, when my editor didn’t invent things to go wrong, and refactoring made sense. At my previous job, I used Eclipse exclusively, but had heard many good things about Intellij, so when I started a new job I was really excited that they were using Intellij. But it’s a matter of overall stability and efficiency as a developer.

I thought it was awesome (and I still do), but after getting to know the IDE, I really miss the simplicity and consistency of Eclipse. With Eclipse, I found myself wasting LOTS of time solving IDE issues, updating plug-ins, suffering from update-deadlocks because plugin-A needs to be updated due to a bug but you can’t because plugin-B depends on it and there is no update yet for B which can work with the update of A so you’re stuck.

This rational app developer was the reincarnation of the digital hell.

With Intelli J, the issues are few and when logged, these guys respond within the hour mostly. When people and companies rather pay money instead of using something that is totally free, this should ring a few bells.Most of the annoyances are silly things, or bugs in the application that Eclipse just doesn’t have.Most people who switch can’t admit it to themselves when they discover these little things. Today, I have finally had enough of my curser jumping to another part of the file whenever I hit cmd s, I mean seriously, that’s a pretty foobar bug. It’s not even about features or ease of use which you can get by, given a certain learning curve.And the code completion support, especially in Javascript, is something I failed to see in Eclipse. It always annoyed me and now having just one extra context-dependent window for the additional operations I feel I have a solution I am actually enjoying Out of context – we know.What if you would always know what you need to change in your code when it doesn’t perform in production? And I will not even start on the Eclipse debugging perspective, which has to be someone’s evil joke driving me nuts every time I recall using it. This is not bad , but the different interest groups in this foundation make the governing and execution somewhat difficult.If you haven’t used it, this is a possibility to create triggers being launched when you press CTRL S.

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