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In general this is great because it prevents developers from accidentally forgetting to run unit tests and submitting bad code.However, it may be necessary to skip tests under some circumstances; for example if there are sporadic/environmental failures, or if you need to build your component even though some unrelated test is failing.

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Maven was included by default in 10.8 and earlier, but is not included from 10.9 on.

The easiest way to install it is via homebrew: If you do not already have homebrew installed, see the homebrew website for instructions

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Grails refresh dependencies ignoring (using STS) I'm trying to add/build dependencies for a Grails app using Grails 2.0.0. I'm adding dependencies on my buildconfig.groovy, and even after running the Refresh dependencies, and having them shown on the Grails dependencies under the project properties, I'm unable to import ...

These instructions are mutually exclusive with m2e, so use one or the other but not both.

To do this, first open the files in question so they are writable, then run the eclipse:clean and eclipse:eclipse goals Classath Variables, or through the mvn eclipse:configure-workspace goal as described here: If you don't want to use Maven directly, just call your normal Ant targets which should still work.

You may run into Maven errors building the first time if you do not have all of the standard directories in your P4 client workspace.

For example you may see errors such as this: One of the nice features of Maven's standard lifecycle is that unit tests are run automatically during every build.

As mentioned in the section covering the migration from Ant, most developers can simply continue to use Ant and the build process will trigger Maven when required.

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