Economics of dating relationships single dad dating again

Eight: There is a finite amount of variation amongst us.

So, in a sense, on the surface, in the state of any relationship where we can only be objects to each other, “pretty” is pretty is pretty.

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Though, again, a topic for another time, briefly, the “price” here that will rise or fall will be in terms of “time required to get to know you in the manner that we want to get to know you.” Thus: As another necessary assumption in constructing a theory of dating and relationships more generally, we must view ourselves as not only objects (Assumption #1), but also as decidedly substitutable and as decidedly having a value to the person pursuing us that can be articulated discretely. Rather, it is relative (meaning here elastic) and will fluctuate depending upon the availability of substitutes.

Consider, then, that knowing there are substitutes for you, as your price rises, just exactly to what degree will you still be in demand?

We have come to the rather harsh assumption that, at least at first, we are little more than objects to those pursuing us. No matter the romantic notion of it, I cannot know your inner being or feel one with you or some such other blather. Like walking the aisles of your favorite store, your love at first sight is but only a bauble that immediately interests you and perhaps spurs you to find out more. Another harsh assumption follows from this: As objects, there really isn’t a whole lot that differentiates us from others.

it is only obvious that my impressions are based totally upon sight, sound, and perhaps smell. Even if you believe in love at first sight, this is still implying an objectification.

Something is ultimately substitutable if when the price of one good goes up, its substitute experiences higher demand.

The price of laptops go up, all of a sudden desktops start to look really good.Although this is not to say individuals themselves are commodities, we can instead look at the values of scarcity, opportunity cost, risk, rewards, and trends in personal relationships.By looking at dating through the eyes of an economist, we can discern questions like “why do people date the most in uni? ” At its core, microeconomics is the study of choice, value, and individual preference. In a basic sense, the search for romantic relationships is much like any other market.More realistically, you might think of a desktop computer being substitutable for a laptop, rather than just thinking of one brand name being substitutable for another.The point about substitutability involves thinking about price and value.Finding love is a hot commodity—something heavily in demand, but not so easily obtained.


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