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However to be successful at seducing women mastering flirting skills is absolutely essential.I remember when I first learned some of […] When it comes to dating, it’s not just the women who worry about, will he like me, will we get on, what shall I wear etc etc.A man who loves his girlfriend or wife treats her as if she was a queen in his palace.

If you realize that he is telling you good thing about a female person somehow in his family either his sister or mother indirectly telling you; he would love you to be such kind of person for him in his life.

But if this situation takes place in your first date be careful, that‘s not Love .

A man who loves a girl is like a dry land that is waiting for rain.

He can’t spend long time without having news about you. He’ll either calls, texts, sends messages, emails or visits you just to keep you closer to him to his heart. It is just difficult because people usually hide their bad past and love showing good side, because the shame they have of their acts in the past.

It’s just like that because they are busy most of the time, plus women are a lot men even know where to easily find them whenever they need them.

As we all know men are not the same but 80% of them despite of all their time spending next to you don’t usually use the word LOVE to you in their conversation with you.

he’ll let you know how he feels in front of you and as well when you are not around.

That will be the moment where you will let him peacely go to the place of discovery and then all doubts and enquiries will reach to an end because you’ll certain that he loves you for real.

So very often, they are left wondering what they did wrong.


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