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Methods Therefore, we investigated in this review whether physical fatigue and mental fatigue behave differently in cancer patients by studying their intensity in different stages of cancer, their changes in intensity during anti-tumor therapy, the variables to which they are related, and their changes in intensity by interventions on fatigue.

Results In some studies, physical fatigue and mental fatigue behaved similarly: they were both more intense in cancer patients than in healthy controls, and sometimes, they had the same course during anti-tumor therapy, or both improved during an intervention.

It has been implicated in cellular functions, including involving synaptic and other vesicles, and has also been linked to Parkinson’s disease.

One of its interesting biophysical aspects is that it represents one of several IDPs that fold upon binding to partners such as membranes.

The catalysts’ surface properties: specific surface area, charge and adsorption capacitance at the solid–solution interface were characterized using BET analysis, potentiometric titration and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, respectively.

The electronic band structure of Ti O photocatalyst, as the key property for the solar-driven photocatalysis, was deduced from the thermodynamic data and the semiconducting parameters (type of semiconductivity, concentration of the charge carriers, flat band potential) obtained by Mott–Schottky analysis.

In the alpha-synuclein-membrane system, one next step is to understand how the observed crowding effects are altered by changes in lipid composition of the membranes or post-translational modifications, both of which are biologically important.

In addition, the possibility of binding of an additional partner to the N-terminal region in the hidden alpha-synuclein state and downstream function can be explored.

A lot of work has been done on crowding in three dimensions, with one idea being that crowding can result in stabilizing more compact forms of proteins.

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