Entourage validating and copying link data

In some implementations, the disclosure provides a processor-implemented method for managing the replication and storage of data sets.This application for letters patent disclosure document describes inventive aspects that include various novel innovations (hereinafter “disclosure”) and contains material that is subject to copyright, mask work, and/or other intellectual property protection.I’d rather not discuss how long it took me to find the source of this problem, so I’ll just post the code I used to find all its cousins.

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I kept getting the Edit Links message when I opened this on particular file, but I could never find the link. I ended up copying each cell to a new worksheet and seeing when that new worksheet got the link.

Fortunately it was about the 10th cell that I copied.

Is there anyway I could maintain the validation in the destination cell while only pasting the values?

The MANAGEMENT OF DATA REPLICATION AND STORAGE APPARATUSES, METHODS AND SYSTEMS (“BDR”) transform machine datasets using BDR components into replications over a network distributing redundant ready-to-use backup files.

Back to top Note: You can also do a regular Copy/Paste operation to paste the list.

However, if you copy a cell with a value or formula they will be pasted along the drop down.

I figured out that the data validation list referred to a named range.

I’m pretty sure that the named range still exists in whichever workbook this sheet was copied from.

Then you can use the names of the lists in the Data Validation dialog box Back to top To help the users of your worksheets you can display a tooltip when they select the cells that contain a drop down list or any other type of data validation.

Once you’re in the data validation dialog box, click on the and enter the title and message you want to display.

You could copy it—but then, when you change the data in one sheet, you'll have to change it in the other sheet, too.


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