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On CBS's The Talk (where Sharon is also a panelist), Jack had revealed that two days before filming began, he was removed from the cast of Stars Earn Stripes after disclosing that he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.Sharon felt that NBC "badly handled" the situation, and that allowing him to participate could have proved inspirational for others diagnosed with the disease.Eve and Dean completed their mission in a time of . Picabo advanced to the finals by winning the final elimination shootout.

Quince earned a small amount for the ‘Got Your Six’ charity. The first squad consists of Todd and Laila with a finish time of .

Due to an odd number of teams, a Bonus Shootout was held where the team with the fastest time in the first mission would compete for immunity in the second mission. The second squad consists of Dean and Picabo finishing with the fastest time of .

Nick earned the fifth place prize for Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation.

Dean chose Eve to be his squad mate, thus Picabo and Todd were paired together.

The final squad of Nick and Terry finished a time slower than the mark set by Todd/Laila.

Nick completed the elimination shootout faster than Terry Crews.

Street finished the mission in a time of approximately of .

Back at Mission Control, General Clark announced that Nick and Eve had the best time.

Terry Crews received the seventh place prize for his charity – Pat Tillman Foundation.

The third mission was called Rapid Detonation with the first squad of Eve and Dean with the fastest time of .

Gen Clark also announced that the two stars that failed to complete the mission would compete in the elimination shootout (instead of the normal slowest squad).

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