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Everyone needs a ball gag in their toy box and if you need one to start with, our Bondage Basics Black..." data-images="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0365/7253/products/8999dl_9013dl_Bondage_Basics_Black_Rubber_Classic_Ball_Gag-1_grande_03ef1e4a-15e3-447c-9a56-368a32f7ba1f.jpg?

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So, he must increase his efforts to please her so she will allow him to cum.

But don’t expect to get permission on the same night. Even so, the extended game of tease and denial can intensify the actual orgasm to the point of being unforgettable.

Bondage Slave Collars, Wrist Cuffs, Submissive, Dominant, Master, Mistress, Crossdresser, Sub-Shop Bondage and Fetish Superstore^874248470554" data-collection-handles="all-best-sellers,all-chastity-devices,all-black-friday-preview-deals,best-sellers,best-sellers-bondage-gear-1,best-sellers-chastity-gear,black-friday-72-hr-sale,mega-bondage-deals,chastity-for-him,mega-blowout-bondage-gear,mega-blowout-chastity,mega-blowout-toys-for-him,overstock-and-clearance-bondage-gear-sale,plastic-chastities" Limited to one per customer.

Everyone needs a ball gag in their toy box and if you need one to start with, our Bondage Basics Black Rubber Classic Ball Gag is the right one for many reasons.

It is time to spice up your love life with Extreme Restraints.

The site offers an exciting array of bondage gear and sex toys that will bring mystery, romance and thrill into your love life.

A cap holds the two pieces together then insert the padlock in place.

Removing this set now without the key is impossible. Orgasm control and denial is fast becoming popular with women who demand total control over their man.

The device is great for controlling his cock and orgasm.

You can bet with his cock locked in this cage, he'll be unable to get hard or use his penis in any pleasurable way.

Forget "tantric" sex, the newest buzz is chastity, edging and orgasm control and orgasm denial!


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