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Scams are available not only offline but you can find them online too.

With the increase number of people online, the internet is getting dirtier and murkier by some group of people.

In that case, you need to go immediately to your account and change the password.

You need to make sure that the new password is unique and difficult for anyone to break and get into your account.

Facebook scams most widely search term on internet.

People find scams on facebook or fb scams & methods to avoid it.

first sorry, because of my bad english, but i am a german and not otfen using english words. you are not really a stranger for me, okay only your fotos are not strange, because a few month ago i got a friendship request from a man at facebook.

i was a little bit curious to know more about this man, he sent me some fotos, fotos from you.

There is an increase of cyber criminals in the world.

Various new and unique methods are tested on users and information is gained from them.

Even Facebook of government agencies is hacked to get details of confidential information is done by other countries.


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