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And he’s even dated Rita’s mate, the model DAISY LOWE, before calling an end to their three-month romance because she was too keen.

Tyrone is also the half-brother of JESSE WOOD, meaning if all goes well Rita could end up being sister-in-law to Jesse’s wife FEARNE COTTON.

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I bet she’s fought her corner to play the latest Die Antwoord, The Knife or Five Finger Death Punch track, but that goddamn BBC Radio 1 regulator keeps turning her down.

Or it could be that, along with journalists, estate agents and bankers, TV and Radio presenters are simply reviled by the general public and treated with an air of suspicion.

And if yes, would you ever really trust that person’s music recommendations ever again?

I’m 98% sure that most of you said ‘no’ to both those questions. Maybe it’s Radio 1 and their desperate need to appeal to the younger generations.

Meanwhile Rita, whose famous exes include CALVIN HARRIS, JAMES ARTHUR, A$AP ROCKY and LEWIS HAMILTON, felt the burn after her split from Ricky Hilfiger.

And he wasn’t the only one to reference the star in his raunchy tracks.But that’s something that certainly hasn’t put off the ladies.His exes include model stunner ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY, who he called the “big love of his life” before they split after a year in 2009.Her taste in music has a shocking resemblance to that of a 12-year old girl who’s unsure if she’s going to grow up to be a mosher, a raver or a pop princess.The only problem is you’re stuck in that car journey with her for two hours and, worst of all, her mother is encouraging her ‘creativity’ by telling her what buttons to press and what things to say.Poor Fearne Cotton – the victim of my morning scorn – it’s not her fault after all! But after all this careful consideration, I’m still sure of one thing: there’s nothing in life more vapid and soulless than Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 show.

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