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You’ll notice in some dating games your score will go down if you do not contact the other person in an appropriate amount of time. ” Dating sims can provide a lot of useful information for you as well. Furthermore, most gifts in games are not big expensive things.

Text messages, notes, emails, and phone calls will help you to increase your propinquity with the person you are interested in. But you might be thinking to yourself, “What should I give? In many dating sims with a gift giving mechanic, you can only start giving gifts after achieving a certain score. Imagine you go on a date with a certain someone, and right as he/she walks into the restaurant this person gives you keys to a new car, and a fat diamond ring, “No pressure”. They are often very common things like food, notebooks, soft drinks, flowers, watermelons, etc.

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In other words, you are less likely to have a successful relationship with someone you meet on the street, and more likely to have a successful relationship with someone you see often.

Dating sims teach us that if you want to find love, look around you, and keep in touch often. Giving big gifts too soon in a relationship make you look weak, lacking confidence, or needy and very few people look for those qualities in their perspective mate.

I used to buy into the common stereotype that all dating sim players were single men who can’t find a real girlfriend, but after looking into this incredibly interesting genre of gamedom I realize that this stereotype is completely untrue.

Dating sims are played by people both young and old, male and female, straight and gay, it is an equal opportunity genre.

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The higher your score the more successful your relationship will be. For example, the game popular among You Tubers Haotoful Boyfriend.

So now that we know what dating sims are, how can they help us?

mobile game which will afford players the opportunity to date some of the hunky dudes from the long-running fighting game franchise.


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