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If you don’t live in a place that you can bring girls home to, then as a Mack you need to fix this ASAP.

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Find someone to sex chat at night

She should feel that she has nothing to worry about with you.

For this reason, you should always take her back to your place instead of trying to go to hers.

Women have been raised to believe that casual sex (” during your conversation with her: the idea that regardless of how tonight winds up, the two of you will meet again soon.

She may be thinking the same thing you are-we’re probably going to have sex tonight, with no strings attached-but the idea of a “ With this answer, again, you’re not making any promises.

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Ask her what she thinks is the sexiest part of her body.

After she answers, tell her that you did notice that that part of her, but there is another body part that you find most appealing.

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Or, she may have roommates or neighbors who might gossip about her bringing a guy home.

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