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Some time ago I decided to root my Samsung Galaxy Note II Android phone.

For connected play, you need the free Evo app on your device.

To easily see if your device is compatible, you can find and download the Evo by Ozobot app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Doing so using Samsung Kies or the phone's internal update check would result in a "firmware modified" error message which basically meant that could not update the phone the normal way.

I did research the issue and discovered that I had two options.

Evo makes sounds and has multiple, multicolored LED lights.

You get color code markers, a charging cable, a playfield, activities, and the free app with Evo.Bit does not connect with your tablet, but can read lines and color codes on the tablet’s screen.Always play with Evo indoors on a clean, flat surface.Your lines and codes should be no wider than an Ozobot marker’s chisel tip (approx. Device Requirements Use the Ozo Blockly editor on your computer or tablet.The following technology works best with Ozo Blockly programming: Bit can follow lines and read color commands on digital screens, like tablets.Use the Bit by Ozobot app or Bit Ozo Groove app to explore this side of Bit!


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