Florida law mandating child abuse

County Child Protection social workers may contact childcare providers for information about a specific child, or may interview a child at the childcare facility.

The provider must cooperate fully with these proceedings.

The school administrator may not disclose the nature of the notification or any related information to any person, including a parent. North Dakota Century Code Section 50-25.1-10 states that doctor-patient privilege does not apply in cases of abuse or neglect and does not exempt doctors from reporting.

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Child Protection social workers may contact an educator for information about a specific child, and the educator should cooperate fully.

The law says that Child Protection Services and law enforcement may conduct interviews of children on school property and must notify the school principal or other administrator of the intent to do so.

For this reason, childcare providers are mandated reporters.

A childcare worker may be the only person who steps forward to protect a child’s best interests.

Child maltreatment, in essence, is another term used to describe instances of child abuse.

Child maltreatment; however, is a broader term, which encompasses all forms of illegal or inadequate actions directed towards a child.

It’s a Class B misdemeanor when a mandated reporter chooses not to report suspected abuse.

To fulfill the mandate, reports must be made directly to a county social service agency.

The childcare provider may be required to help notify the parents.

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