Frances bean cobain dating robert pattinson

23-year-old actor Robert Pattinson has reportedly been talking with the late Nirvana singer’s widow Courtney Love, who will work as a producer on the movie, in a bid to persuade her to let him play the rocker, Kurt Cobain who committed suicide in 1994.A source said: ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ filmmaker David Fincher is being lined up to direct the movie.

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Nothing is set for sure but reports claims that Kurts wife, Courtney Love will be played by the blonde bombshell, Scarlett Johansson. Rob always said that one day he would like to show the world his musical talents; therefore this role is a great opportunity for him to do so. The Sun reports that Rob and Courtney Love have always been in contact to discuss this project.

She agreed to film on the condition that she chooses the cast members and decides the main aspects of this movie such as the director, screenplay and music.

In fact, Emma was reticent kissed him in front of the public!

, The Perks Of Being a girl who sits without dancing.

A source mentions, "Johnny has spent the night with Emma in a house in Santa Monica, where Emma stayed with his friends he stay at least for one night this week ... They can be rejected before, but now they don't seem to be able to hide it again.

""They seem very open and do not want to conceal his relationship.

Recently former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl – who now performs with Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures – said he would like a woman to play him in the biopic, specifically 60-year-old actress Shelley Duvall.

He said: “I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m crossing my fingers that Shelley Duvall plays me.

As for talk that Pattinson was Courtney Love's first choice to play Kurt Cobain in a movie about the late rocker, the former Hole singer has halted this casting possibility in its track. That's just wrong, no offense [to Pattinson]," Love told The Canadian Press.

"I watched the Twilight stuff very, very recently and I get it, it resonates with the teenage girl in me, I understand epic love of that nature; I write about it all the time. " Love added that she'll never watch any biopic about Cobain because it would be too painful, but she did list a couple actors she could see in the role: James Mc Avoy and Ryan Gosling. Who do you think shold portray the Nirvana frontman?

The Hole singer reportedly wants to set Robert up with her daughter, Frances Bean, 16 -- who is a massive fan of the hit vampire series.


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