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Fortunately, several free chat room services allow you to create your own room.

They either provide a simple link to that room, or let you add that chat room to your site. Here are some of the best online chat rooms that you can easily add to your website.

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If you want to customize your chat room, click Chat Rooms on the left menu bar.

Under the chat room of your choice, click Chatroom settings.

Ask your friends to invite other people and soon there are 50 people all taking about X-Factor. You only need to pick a username and set your gender.

Not only does this make it quick and easy to use but it's very secure and private. Only the conversations are stored and those are automatically removed after 30 days.

See the trending topics and with 1 click you are chatting with people all over the world. You can even use TALK app free on mobiles or desktops.

When you start a new website, the first thing you need is a reputable web host.

This page gives you instructions on how to customize your chat room, as well as how to embed the provided code into your site.

lets you simply start an online chat room, making it one of the best chat room sites like Chatzy.

Chatzy lets its users create public and private chat rooms.

It provides a link to that room, which you can easily link to on a webpage or in an email.

Copy and paste the chat room’s URL in the address bar to place in emails or on your social media page.


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