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The app lets you have "multiple girlfriends", and each one of them is a "complete different person" – so they won't share your info with each other.

People often don't have the language to express their desires. And at Juicebox we believe that the best way to learn is to just do it." Mashable notes, “Slutbot lets you pick from six different paths based on gender and sexual orientation, including heterosexual, lesbian, gay, or non-binary configurations.” Rader added, "The question format is an important way to model consent, and to show how consent is a great way to have dirty talk. While texting has really opened up doors of communication for us, sometimes our message gets lost in translation — especially when you’re trying to get sexy with your partner over i Message.

There is also the element of educating about consent and respect in sexting.

People want their minds stimulated, and dirty talk is a great way to do that.” Rader said that the app was built to deal with issues of consent and “sextiquette.” She added, “We even talked to a linguist to help us code all of the appropriate words.

There are so many different ways you can say ‘yes.’” Rader told Mashable, "After we got the request repeatedly over several months, it shed light on the fact that, really, what people struggle with in terms of sex and sexuality is communication. We're trying to make the user practice using their own language too." A company representative echoed, “In short: most people are not as good as they think they are at sexting.

Ask most women that you know and they will tell you they have received an unsolicited dick pic at least once in their life.

Slutbot is a great way to learn and practice sexting that makes both parties feel comfortable.” Slutbot instructs users to use the code word “Pineapple” if they would prefer to stop sexting; The Post adds, “The bot also redirects if sexters type derogatory terms like 'bitch' or ‘whore.’ With permission from users who make it to the end of the conversation, the bot will send a ‘special image.’” The most famous recent usage of sexting, of course, was former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was convicted in 2017 of sexting an underage girl; last Friday a judge ruled he would have to register as a Level 1 sex offender.

Sex robots are proving big business – and with top models discounted as part of last year's Black Friday sale.

If you’re feeling particularly inept at sexting, some erotic writers and sex educators have the answer for you: a chatbot that tutors users in the “etiquette” of sexting.

Instead of buying an expensive sex robot, you can download the new Real Doll X app, which is launching on February 14.

That means sex-bot fiends can enjoy a free verbal robot romp on Valentine's Day, dirty talking with their virtual pal.

"Experience the most enjoyable conversations and interactions possible with a machine." Feedback from early virtual sex-bot users seems positive.


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