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If afterwards, i never see the person again (here’s hoping!

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For some reason we live in ― guilt that’s brought on by society's double standards, mind you not to feel gulity ― then do your thing. I reap the benefits without having to worry about whose insufferable friends iam meeting later.

It's hard for me to get emotionally attached with someone i just met . Lucky or me it was time to turn that walk-of-shame into a sashay-of-pride, because having a casual or one night stand . And, iam pretty sure that iam not required to stick around for any awkward breakfasts unless i feel like it. And if i see them out and about at a future date, there's no need to be awkward.

That's because im open, funny, smart And with all that improved confidence, iam liable to attract guys, and be able to be even more selective about who gets in my pants.

Most of time i tend to stay in control of my sensual expressions [and] there are also stigmas attached to certain sexual behaviours, so i might not get to try everything i want or even ask for it for fear of judgment, rejection or simply, change.

There's no risk to you or your baby with this screening.

It is routinely offered in the first trimester, between 11 and 14 weeks.

In order to get the most accurate results possible, make sure you have a full bladder before the scan starts.

This will elevate your uterus, which makes it easier to see your baby.

The bigger that second number, the lower the risk."High-five! As with all screening tests, the NT scan is not conclusive.

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