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When used with Blackmagic Web Presenter, you get instant HD multi-bitrate live streaming to computers, tablets and phones, all at the same time.Plus, Livestream can handle massive broadcast with over 1 million simultaneous viewers per event!

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Plus, Blackmagic Web Presenter can even live switch programs using its built in 2 input production switcher if you add the optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel!

Blackmagic Web Presenter is the fastest and easiest way to get live video directly onto the web for a new generation of web broadcasting.

You can use any SD, HD or Ultra HD source up to 2160p60.

Blackmagic Web Presenter takes the incoming HD or Ultra HD input signal and automatically converts it to high quality, low data rate 720p HD, which is sent to your computer via USB for streaming.

You can create your own channel on You Tube Live and then use Blackmagic Web Presenter in combination with software such as Open Broadcaster to go live!

In addition to live streaming, you can create scheduled events and use You Tube’s community features to get the word out and build your audience.

Now you can use popular software such as Open Broadcaster or XSplit Broadcaster to live stream your broadcasts and events! Blackmagic Web Presenter is perfect for anyone that wants to broadcast professional looking, high quality video on the internet!

Traditional broadcasters can use Blackmagic Web Presenter to quickly get content out to a global audience from any location through You Tube Live, Facebook Live and more!

Facebook Live makes it easy to share a moment with friends and professional networks.

Simply connect your Blackmagic Web Presenter, select your favourite streaming software and get online instantly with Facebook Live!

You can use Blackmagic Web Presenter as the source input for your Periscope video stream then tweet out the link to your audience and let them start watching.


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