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Can I use my toll-free number as my caller ID when making outbound calls? We’ll always show your toll free number as the caller ID when you make a call from the Grasshopper desktop and mobile apps. When you sign up for a Grasshopper account with a toll-free number – standard or vanity – you can start using your number immediately. Is it free to call a toll-free number from a mobile phone?

Toll-free numbers work a little differently for mobile phones than they do for legacy landlines.

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Select a random number or specify your digits and choose a plan that meets your needs. Toll free phone numbers start with a specific three-digit code and don’t charge callers when they dial—whoever owns the toll-free phone number pays instead.

Numbers with the 800 prefix are considered premium toll-free numbers and are typically less available than other prefixes.

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Toll-free numbers start with a toll-free prefix—800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833—and are assigned by an entity called a “Responsible Organization” (Resp Org).


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