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Heading up Empower Network are founders David Wood (CEO) and David Sharpe (President).

Update 6th December 2013 – In December 2013 Empower Network appointed Jonathan Cronstedt as CEO, with former CEO David Wood being assigned the role of Chairman.

Sharpe was also in MLSP at the time and this is apparently where the two met.

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The Empower Network domain whois information provides a different street address in Florida, however this appears to be a residential area so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

To make matters even more confusing, the company provides yet another address in their Terms and Conditions, this time in the UK: Costa Rica has a flexible corporate regime and bank secrecy is enshrined in law.

Despite frequent requests to review Empower Network over the past year, I’ve consistently knocked back further analysis of the company initially believing it not to be MLM.

I briefly looked over it initially and all I saw was a blog platform members sold for $25.

The Empower Network compensation plan is most easily explained when split up into three separate recurring one-up compensation structures.

Each of the three products above has its own compensation plan attached that operates independently of the others, and each requires an Empower Network affiliate to qualify for commissions.

This did on occasion did make me wonder how the numbers added up but then I always figured that if people were achieving these commission amounts on nothing more than selling access to a replicated blogging system, then more power to them. Recently however things changed I ran into a discussion about Empower Network where the terms “inner circle” and “going all in” were mentioned.

With these terms frequently used in the more shadier MLM opportunities out there (particularly “going all in”), I figured Empower Network warranted another (and more indepth) look. Empower Network was launched in November 2011 with a suite number and street address in the US state of Florida on the company website.

Similarly Sharpe’s backstory is also a rags to riches hook that heavily leans on him being a former drug addict who cleaned himself up, something something and now he earns a bajillion dollars a month.


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