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He said that was great and he really respects that.It was after this conversation that he seemed to change.

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About a month and a half ago, I met this guy at a bar, the day after I had just ended a very short and confusing juvenile relationship.

He seemed like a stand up guy and we flirted and talked a lot.

Once the sub-atomic level is penetrated, what’s left is not matter but pure energy.

Everything that you see around you, be it a living thing or object, is made up of energy.

But maybe having sex with the first man she falls in love with BEFORE she gets married would be a decent idea.

Test driving the vehicle before buying it is rarely considered poor etiquette.

Although, when I pressed him about the reasons why he liked me so much, he listed, in the following order: 1) that I was a virgin and that that was something hard to come across and that he respected that, 2) I was “cool people” to hang out with, 3) we got along well, 4) I was educated. I expected reason #4 to be higher on the list, and reason #1 to be lower. Then again, virginity can function as a selling point.

Witness Exhibit A who suddenly decided he was in love with you once he learned that you had a hymen.

I needed to take things slow because of where I was in life–just out of a relationship and just having graduated college.

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