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A headliner of the Longhorns’ 2019 class, Floyd arrived in Austin this spring ranked as the nation’s No. 3 inside linebacker, per the 247Sports Composite, and his on-field impact justified those rankings, as Floyd amassed 120 tackles and six sacks as a senior.

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Texas freshman LB De’Gabriel Floyd is expected to miss the 2019 season after being diagnosed with stenosis.

Herman said Floyd will be re-evaluated next January.— Trenton Daeschner (@Trent Daeschner) April 6, 2019 The news that Floyd is expected to miss his entire freshman season comes just days after Herman announced that the former high school All-American would remain sidelined throughout spring practice.

“So, just come ready to learn and have fun, and it’ll be okay.” Understand that your butterflies are normal, but it’s time to challenge yourself to enter this new chapter of your life with your head held high.

To make the transition easier, you can join social media pages, such as a Facebook group for your class and reach out to people who have the same orientation date as you.

We all now those annoying freshmen that act like they own the school when they’re really the bottom of the barrel. The things that a freshman does: curses too much, runs around too much, talks too much, tries being cool too much. But do not be discouraged, you pathetic, miniscule freshmen, for you will be a senior one day, too. In fact, I don’t even think that i’ve explained my actual reason for writing this story.

But why do seniors think that freshmen should keep their mouths shut? Seniors are, believe it or not, the best kind of students in high school. I know that it may be strange for a freshman to say that all freshman are annoying. Now, i’m not saying that all freshmen should keep to themselves or else they’re annoying.Christina Ulrich, a college counselor at Montgomery College, considers the ID to be one of the most important things a student can take away from orientation.“Generally speaking, IDs provide students access to resources on campus such as the library, recreation center, dining halls and computer labs,” she says.“Several campuses are now even offering bus transportation to their students with a valid ID.” Your ID may even be good to use off campus.Let's be honest, since high school let out you've been sleeping in.Your orientation will start earlier than you’re used to waking up lately.Let seniors talk to them on their freshmen year, not the year before, when 8th graders just assume everything is the same as last year.


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