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What might work well in that environment would be completely different from a large, diversely populated school in a major city. The reason I'm asking is can you say statutory R-A-P-E? Seeing as freshman are 14 or 15, let's say the freshman is on the older end of the grade so she's 15. And the senior is on the younger end of the grade, he's 17 and he's a summer baby. The senior guy has the freshman girl's best interest in mind. He's not just looking for an easy freshman girl to have sex with.

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For example, in all four cities, men experience slightly lower reply rates when they write more positively worded messages.

Although our analysis cannot reveal the underlying process that gives rise to these behaviors (for example, reinforcement learning), this result may offer a hint about why men tend to write somewhat less positive messages to more desirable partners.

Similarly, only Seattle men experience a payoff to writing longer messagesand Seattle is the only city where men write longer messages to more desirable mates.

It makes sense that Seniors would pursue attractive girls they have the easiest time wooing. All the other girls know those guys and don't want freeones swingers be part of their story.

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For all they know, the senior could be a good student that plans on going to college next year. Most people on this forum are older (most not all) and having sex well it just didn't happen as much as it does now..people are against it because chances are if you are dating you are having sex-and I see where you are are from-not a big city so pickings are slim... There are other people that think there's nothing wrong with seniors dating freshmen.


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