Friens reunited dating

But during 2006, while Michael Grade was chief executive, there was an even bigger explosion in social networking.

Bebo, the British-founded site began to take market share away from Friends Reunited, primarily because it didn't charge a fee in order to maximise the use of the site.

You're unlikely to continue to use a site that you don't know anyone on.

Still through all this time Friends Reunited, owned by ITV, continued to charge a £15 a year subscription fee, managing to retain a shrunken, and certainly not growing, audience.

The paradox is this - because it charged a fee, Friends Reunited actually made money unlike many of its newer, free rivals.

At the time of acquisition it was a hot social network, but its massive revenues were from subscriptions rather than from advertising.

You had to pay in order to get the contact details of the friends you were reunited with via the website.

Last April, ITV dropped all charges on the site, relying solely on online advertising and the website did see a temporary boost in users.

Unfortunately for ITV, social networks rely on a critical mass of users.

US-founded Facebook was starting to eat into the UK market.

If you were a student in Britain by 2006, you were likely to be a member of Facebook, Myspace or Bebo.

The advertising revenue from social networking users is little more than £1 a year.


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