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The experience should actually be pleasurable for them. For one thing, that might make your friend uncomfortable, especially if they aren't feeling the same way.

Plus, it’s a lot harder to take things back to normal if they aren't feeling it. Flirting in person is great, but it’s not the only way to start hinting you want something more. When you're crushing on someone, it’s natural to want to focus all your attention on them all the time, but that can be a little awkward.

The Sims: Hot Date turned this into the daily relationship bar, and added a lifetime relationship bar.

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Over time, and without interactions to reinforce the relationship, the relationship score between two characters will return towards a baseline of zero; characters that are passionate lovers or bitter enemies may eventually be nothing more than acquaintances to one another.

Teens can only initiate romantic interactions with other teens.

The one key difference is to take it slow and feel things out before you make any sudden moves. Whether you're flirting with a friend or a total stranger, the most important thing is to do it with confidence. Well, chances are, if you're known to be a flirty gal, when you're flirting with them and you actually mean it, it might not even register for them.

Not only is confidence sexy, but a lack of it can make things unnecessarily awkward, fast. Whether it’s brushing their arm, pushing back a lock of hair, or just grabbing their arm when you laugh, making contact takes your flirting to the next level. So, if there is one person you are actually interested in, focus all that energy on them, so they can sense that your intentions for them are different. That’s a gross practice of subtly insulting someone to lower their self-esteem and increase your odds with them. Instead, just use some playful banter to make you both laugh.

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A relationship is a shared acquaintance between two characters.

For example, Sims with a good relationship tend to have better conversations with each other and can share a double bed, while Sims with a poor relationship are less likely to positively accept each other's interactions or may even perform negative interactions on each other.

Sims require a high relationship to become married or joined, but the state of being married or joined is not lost autonomously if the relationship score declines.

It really is true that, in the best relationships, your partner is also your best friend.


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