The injury is a reminder of the terminal nature of the cancer and patients may express regret about not pursuing more aggressive treatments.In addition, the pain and smell can cause emotional distress as patients feel increasingly uncomfortable and may be worried about how other people will respond to the wound.Usually, there is a strong smelling discharge and the wound will feel hot and moist to the touch.


Along the way, it causes necrosis or tissue death, usually leading to inflammation and infection.

The open wound tends to attract bacteria, leading to secondary infection.

They can also develop from skin cancers such as melanoma. However they are more common in the following areas: A primary tumour means a tumour where the cancer started.

An ulcerating tumour can develop in a cancer that hasn't been treated.

Skilled nursing care paired with appropriate mental health interventions can help cancer patients in the end stages of their lives.

When a fungating wound develops, patients should talk to their doctors about options for managing and treating the injury.These injuries can superficially resemble a cauliflower or fungus protruding from the skin, and they can cause significant hardships for patients, in addition to presenting a nursing challenge.Fungating wounds develop as a cancer spreads under the skin and eventually pushes through the layers of skin to the surface.Drains may be placed to allow pus and other fluids to freely drain from the injury.Bandages can help control odor, although it is important to change them regularly to avoid exacerbating inflammation or promoting the development of further infection.The Internet has become a strategic device for terrorists, used to identify, recruit and train new members; collect and transfer funds; organize terrorist acts; incite violence; and, increasingly, as a weapon for cyber-attacks.


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