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TT350 users found this one out the hard way when Adorama mistakenly posted the TT350-C update (specifically for adding compatibility with some newer EOS M bodies) as a generic TT350 update.

So many non-Canon TT350 owners bricked their flashes with this update, Godox eventually posted the initial versions of the TT350 firmware.

Make sure you're using the correct cable for the device.

Newer devices (e.g., A1, Xpro, R2 Pro II, AD400 Pro, X2T) use a USB-C cable, while older devices (e.g., TT685, V860II, AD200) use a micro USB cable.

Lol boy do I feel dumb for not checking the most basic first…

Anyway, haven’t been on the water for a week but might tonight, and future soon…

Due to licensing and other issues Godox may not have new official upgrade software available until later in the year.

Though if possible they may release some interim software to help make things easier in the mean time.

The current Godox Firmware Update Software is however limited, and designed to function with somewhat outdated Windows 7 operating systems and prior.

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