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Matching the flashy nature of her attire and the main role of her Emblem Frame, Ranpha is hasty and is naturally the "show off" of the team and doesn't hold back in flaunting her looks and figure.Much like Forte, she prefers the direct confrontation style of solving her problems and the conventional application of brute force.

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When romanced, Ranpha is without a doubt, one of the most expressive and intense in showing her affection toward Tact, acting akin to a puppy who demands affection and to be showered with praise.

While Tact did not fully meet the expectations of the perfect partner, Ranpha found more admirable traits in Tact that overshadowed his negative ones.

Ranpha personally stated that she hates standing around doing nothing and loved to be in motion.

She frequents the Training Room to exercise on many occasions and the intensity of her strength and sturdiness worried her as this sort of "tomboyish" (a term she hates) feature might obscure her feminine traits.

Even in a separate free roam segment visit to the Bridge, Kazuya witnesses the two cuddling by Tact's chair and their intense outward showcasing of love talk drives Kazuya (and Coco) to gag.

Born as the eldest daughter in a relatively poor family, Ranpha's early life involved taking care of her rambunctious siblings.Both of these natures were deeply rooted in her family upbringing as the poor nature of her household made the family members close but still competed and grew stronger together.Bundled with the hasty nature, Ranpha has an extreme amount of energy.She also had an uncanny tolerance of spice which she applied to nearly everything she ate, a habit that is taken up by Anise who admired Ranpha for her abilities.Ranpha is also extremely superstitious and believed in all forms of horoscopes, fortune-tellings, predictions, and the likes, which influenced many of her actions.The two eventually became close friends and were found to be both compatible in piloting the treasures of the White Moon, the Emblem Frames.

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