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In practice, Wiccans are taught to place well-thought intention into ritual, and therefore they do so into the knotting of the cords.

Because of this, the ritual of the handfasting invites a unique, magical experience between the couple.

We had guests from as far apart as Japan, California, and Germany.

The bridal party and close family stayed in the house with us, and other friends camped on the grounds.

is the first, and so far only, website dedicated to linking people in the Pagan and Wiccan communities with ordained officiants who perform handfastings, weddings and commitment ceremonies, and other rites of passage and celebrations.

The Marriage License Laws for a man and a woman to marry vary from state to state.

Our colour scheme was rainbow because we quite simply couldn’t pick!

We both have such big families, with Jess's being transatlantic, that we decided we wanted to have a huge party, and booked our venue from Friday to Monday to give us a chance to really spend time with each other.

A natural substance (such as cotton or silk) is ideal.

In many initiation ceremonies, cords are measured as per the length (height) of the persons involved in the rite; however, the numbers 3 and 9 are very magical and can be incorporated simply by using a cord that is 9 feet or 3 meters long, which is totally acceptable.

Many non-Pagan and non-Wiccan couples are adopting this old custom, much like when couples borrow from other traditions to craft their own ceremony to match their distinctive personalities.

The short answer to this question is: a handfasting is a component of a wedding ceremony which entails gently wrapping cords around the bride and grooms clasped hands and tying a knot, symbolically binding the couple together in their declaration of unity.

This somehow may have been incorporated into the subconscious minds of some Wiccans and Pagan folk, and they may have come to the conclusion that the old betrothals, or the promise to marry, were also exactly a year and a day.


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