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Whether it’s a woman learning she has two half sisters or finding a match that helps break down a brick wall, the potential of DNA as a genealogical tool cannot be overstated.

These studies of matchmaking have also revealed that HLA genes of the immune system which determine the body odour and also at times the fingerprints helps in matchmaking, where people tend to be attracted to the natural body odors of those who have different HLA genes from their own.

Though there are contradictions in this concept of science, still it seems to be much safer than the otherways of matchmaking which keeps people alive by this evolutionary principle.

The formula behind this type of matchmaking measures the genetic compatibility between two individuals and makes an accurate prediction of the strength of their basis for a long-lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship.

Such matchmaking centres are very loyal in guarding your DNA where no public is allowed to have free hand on it and ofcourse not even the owner of the genetic material.

If your estimated relationship is 3rd cousin, but they don’t know who their parents are, they may not see the point in communicating.

Judy Russell is not only the Legal Genealogist —she's also very interested in genetic genealogy.

The actual chemistry and the physical chemistry among the matches are done and with the personal values the soul mates are identifed.

Such matchmaking centers provides utmost safety and they are one of the honest places for your search.

It is from the DNA the characters of an organism are studied by the encoding of the genetic material and it is passed from the parent to the offspring.

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