Geneva metal kitchen cabinets updating cabinets

They just need new powder-coating, which would end up being about 10% the cost of new big-box cabinets.

Before I plunge ahead with the switch though, I want to make sure I know what I’m getting into.

In my cabinet-quest, I already had identified many brands of steel kitchen cabinets made back in the day. First up, please read: I have not tried to identify steel and aluminum kitchen cabinets made outside the U. : Note: In my compendium, I do not include companies that seemed only to have made single-unit items.

I'd definitely recommend spending the extra for appliance paint over regular spray paint, because it covers well and dries to a very hard, shiny finish just like on new appliances. They wipe off easily and looked better than what I had at the time. I suggest checking your yellow pages for businesses, which repaint appliances. It cost a fraction of the price of purchasing a new model and the painters did an outstanding job.

A friend purchased a home in which the owners included the side-by-side refrigerator in the sale. I pored over it and couldn't find one hint of avocado!

) with drain boards on either side, four cupboard doors and two drawers beneath.

It's probably from the 1940's and it was pretty tired and dingy.

I cannot remember the names of the products he used, but I'm sure a hardware store clerk could help you.

Barbara Related: Updating Kitchen Cupboards Inexpensively In my kitchen I have a metal cabinet unit about five feet wide, with a double-bowl sink (porcelain? Is there any way I can revamp them and make them attractive? We had the white metal kitchen cabinets also and they get dirty and greasy so easy.We found some already mixed paint at Big Lots but some dollar stores also carry paint. It's so quick and easy to roll the paint on after removing the handles.The best part is they are already hung with nothing to haul off and you did it yourself. The sleek, chrome lines of the 1950s are really back in style these days.If you like a retro, clean look, don't repaint those cabinets.The product that started it all — the blog, that is: Vintage steel kitchen cabinets. Vintage steel kitchen cabinets entered my consciousness. Along the way I also obsessively researched how to put a 1950s-1960s kitchen together.

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