Getting back to dating after a break up

He was an adventurous person who wanted to go travelling and you didn’t.

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If you were together a long time and invested a lot of your time, emotion and love?

There is every reason you should give this a second chance.

If this sounds like you, you might decide that it’s time to get back together with your partner and settle down.

You’re Both Sorry You both made mistakes the first time around. But you’ve both acknowledged your mistakes, forgiven them, and moved on.

However, after a few weeks/months on the dating scene, we’ve come to realise that it totally sucks!

The men just aren’t as handsome, as cute, as funny or as loving as the one we gave up. Is this really what we needed to get out of our system?

The rule of thumb is that, the longer you were both together as a couple, the greater the chance it will work out the second time around. Because you’ve already given a lot to this relationship.

Clearly, there was an emotional connection between the two of you.

As does the question, “Were we too hasty to end it when we did? ” The first thing to know is that it’s totally possible to get back with your ex. Sometimes, a breakup strengthens a relationship, so that it’s even better the second time around.

Both partners have learned and grown, and are more ready to take this to the next level than ever before.

Your Ex Is Open To Giving It Another Shot If you have to work hard to convince your ex that you guys should give this another try, then you probably shouldn’t get back together.

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