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She starts to side with and take advice more from her divorced friends rather than her married ones, and it leads her to some unexpected and life-changing experiences.

This Is THE most unrealistic show about women and divorce I have ever seen.

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There is not a character on there that is likable, including the kids. The adults, especially the narcissistic women, are all quite irritating/obnoxious, acting like slutty, temper-tantrum-throwing 13 year old girls.

Abby dancing around in her bra and panties in a house that is pretty much made of glass? She has a nice enough body, especially for a fifty year old, but it is not that nice. The male characters are OK, but the stereotypes are a bit old already.

Watching her, I was reminded of Elaine's dancing on the Jerry Seinfield show ... Also everyone is decadently rich and hyper privileged.

The kids are the parents and the parents are the kids.

See full summary » DRIVING WHILE BLACK is a dark comedy, rooted deeply in reality... Dimitri delivers Pizzas for a living - but as a young black man he is ...

See full summary » A young man determined to be a military hero, ends up on a misguided adventure with his family and new friend Tally, which leads him to the most unlikely realization of how he can ...She arrives to find he has died and left half the practice to her in his will."The Bold Type" is inspired by the life of "Cosmopolitan" editor in chief, Joanna Coles.Abby (Lisa Edelstein) and Jake (Paul Adelstein) decide to finally define their relationship status by spending a weekend at home without work, friends and the kids. Abby (Lisa Edelstein) wants to define her relationship with Dr. Abby reconnects with escort Carl (Victor Webster) in Los Angeles. New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr.Harley Wilkes, to work in his medical practice in Bluebell, Alabama.To think someone would relate or identify with these horrible characters, or worse yet, find themselves frustrated or feeling inferior because they can't meet the superficial standards portrayed by these creepy people, or even begin to think that they should, REALLY scares me.


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