Google tv guide not updating

Since the Google Play Store is installed as a system app, uninstalling it actually only removes app updates and not the original version you installed with the guide above.

If you're experiencing issues accessing, updating applications or simply opening the Google Play Store there are some troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve this issue.

Once the update is complete your home screen will appear. Your screen positioning may have been reset during this process.

Our Trouble Shooting Guide goes into further detail. Google Apps All apps from the Google Play Store will automatically update as long as your signed in!

Special thanks to Bagi MT, venkat, and elliwigy for their insights which lead to this guide.

If you want to update the Google Play Store APK or want to try a different version, simply follow the main guide starting at step 4.

If you click on the below drop down menus, you can follow the step-by-step guide to successfully access your Google Play Store.

It is important that you are connected to a strong and stable connection when trying to download or load the Google Play Store.

First off, since the the Google Play Store does not officially support the Fire TV, it does not know which apps are or aren’t compatible with the Fire TV.

This results in many apps being hidden when browsing the store with the Fire TV.

If you don’t resign the APK and the Google Play Store auto-updates itself to a different version that you don’t want, it’s easy to revert back.

All you need to do is “uninstall” the Google Play Store with an app manager like ES File Explorer. System Update To update the Operating System simply go into your app drawer and open the System Update app. After the package reaches 100% downloaded select on the Update Now tab.


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