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Apart from it, the county has several large business houses. Regional headquarters of companies such as Samsung, Toyota, Kia Motors, Toshiba and Mazda are in Orange County.

Apart from these, the county is known for its several beaches and other tourist destinations.

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Travelling to a particular place or a city requires sufficient planning in order to utilize your money and time wisely.

Planning helps with meticulous execution and when it comes to a tour or a vacation, planning helps with making the most of your trip.

The county is famous for its' numerous exotic beaches spread over one of the longest coastlines in the USA.

Orange county has been known as the largest county to declare bankruptcy.

The county has a coastline that is 40 miles long and has several places of tourist interests such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Disneyland.

Several Fortune 500 companies have their head offices in Orange County.

• The state also has several cities with beaches that are of tourist interests.

Orange County is known for: Orange County is known for the famous Disneyland.

In terms of population, Anaheim is the largest city in the county.


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